Discover the Latest Eco-Friendly Packaging with Sugarcane Boxes

Explore our collection of compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable EcoBox sugarcane packaging solutions, designed to meet the highest standards of sustainability. Join us in embracing green packaging practices and make a positive impact on the planet while showcasing your brand with pride.

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    Advantages of Our Sustainable Custom Sugarcane Box

    Eco-Friendly: 100% Recyclable with Fully Customization

    Our sugarcane fiber packaging boxes offer an eco-friendly solution that is both fully recyclable and fully customizable, ensuring a sustainable and tailored packaging experience.

    Cost-Effective: Lower Production and Transportation Costs

    Affordable Production: Our eco packaging offers a cost-effective alternative to rigid boxes, reducing manufacturing expenses without compromising quality.
    Efficient Transportation: The lightweight nature of our packaging minimizes shipping costs, allowing for more economical transportation of your products.

    Minimalist Design: Luxury Appearance with High Durability

    Exquisite Finishing: Our eco-friendly EcoBox showcases a smooth and refined surface, elevating the visual appeal of your products and enhancing the overall brand image.
    Exceptional Strength: Despite its eco-friendly composition, our packaging boasts high hardness and durability, ensuring that your products remain well-protected throughout the supply chain.

    Lower MOQ, More Flexibility.

    Save you more and generate higher profitability with 3000 pieces MOQ.

    Larger Capacity, Wholesale Price.

    Annual production up to tens of millions pieces & lower wholesale price.

    Hassle-Free Logistics.

    Ally with top logistics to ensure competitive shipping times and prices.

    Contact us immediately to discuss your requirements and secure your spot for customized, high-quality EcoBox. Get in touch today for a packaging experience that will exceed your expectations!

    The Latest Sustainable Sugarcane Boxes for Most Products

    Our eco-friendly packaging comes in a wide range of box styles tailored to various industries. Explore our visually appealing EcoBox showcasing the versatility of our packaging solutions, suitable for industries ranging from cosmetics and personal care to food and beverages. Discover the perfect box style that aligns with your brand and product requirements.

    Bakery & Cake
    Beer & Liquor
    Candy & Sweets

    Discover the Possibilities of EcoBox Surface Finishing Options

    Elevate your packaging with our extensive range of surface finishing techniques. From smooth and polished textures to natural roughness, our wet and dry pressing methods offer versatile solutions. With in-mold embossing, printing options, hand-drawn artistry, laser engraving, and mold carving, you can create captivating designs and unique brand aesthetics. Explore the endless possibilities to leave a lasting impression and showcase your products in the most visually appealing way.

    Smooth Surface

    Achieve a remarkably smooth surface with our wet pressing technique, adding a sleek and polished look to the molded pulp products.

    Natural Rough Texture

    For dry pressing technique, embrace the inherent rustic charm of a naturally rough texture, creating an organic and tactile appeal.

    In-mold Embossing / Debossing

    Incorporate embossed patterns directly into the mold, eliminating the need for additional tooling costs while adding visual interest to the surface.

    Traditional Printing Options

    Explore various printing techniques, including screen printing, transfer printing, hot stamping, and full-color printing, to bring vibrant designs and branding elements to life.

    Hand-drawn Artistry

    Easily apply hand-drawn artwork onto the paper-like surface, showcasing unique illustrations or personalized touches for a truly bespoke packaging solution.

    Laser Engraving

    Create distinctive brand aesthetics with laser engraving, etching intricate patterns or logos onto the surface, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

    Mold Carving

    Leave a lasting impression with special textures directly carved onto the mold, resulting in unique surface patterns that enhance the overall visual appeal of the packaging.

    EcoBox Finishing Possibilities

    Want to Take Inspiration From Brilliant Ideas?

    Explore an array of innovative packaging design inspirations that blend form, function, and sustainability.
    Discover new ways to captivate your audience and elevate your brand through the power of creative design.

    One-Stop Sustainable Sugarcane Packaging Insert Solutions

    EcoBox inserts can also have a variety of processes or material combinations to create more and better display effects. We need samples of your products and designs to provide a visually more appealing solution.

    chipboard inserts for magnetic rigid boxes

    Cardboard inserts, foam inserts, molded pulp, and plastic trays meet every product’s packaging needs.

    molded pulp insert for cosmetic boxes

    In C MIC Packaging, We offer custom solutions for limited budgets to ensure a wow unboxing experience.

    Full color printed paper bag with ribbon

    Envelopes, Gift Cards, Brochures, Paper Bags, Jewelry Pouches… We also have custom printing services for all your luxury packaging.

    Innovative Eco Sugarcane Packaging with Fully Customization

    sustainable packaging boxes
    Sugarcane-Based Box Packaging with Environmental Benefits

    Introducing EcoBox, our latest innovation in sustainable packaging. Made from a combination of sugarcane bagasse and bamboo pulp, this eco-friendly material is 100% recyclable, reducing environmental impact.

    Eco-Friendly, Cost Effective, and More

    Experience the unparalleled value of our product. With its eco-friendly attributes, low production costs, and extensive customization capabilities, it delivers a trifecta of benefits that will elevate your packaging and drive customer satisfaction.

    eco friendly packaging boxes 1 1
    eco packaging boxes
    Enhanced Protection: Strength and Durability

    Our product features seamless integration and exceptional durability. Its robust construction ensures reliable protection for your products, safeguarding them from damage and ensuring their safe delivery to customers.

    100% Recycled Sugarcane EcoBox Production Process

    At C MIC Packaging, we take pride in our environmentally-conscious production process, carefully designed to create sustainable packaging solutions. From start to finish, our production process adheres to strict ecological standards, minimizing our carbon footprint and preserving natural resources. Watch the production process of this product to see how it keeps the production process environmentally friendly.

    EcoBox Production Process 2

    Eco Material: Sugarcane Pomace, Bamboo Pulp

    We start by using renewable resources such as sugarcane bagasse, bamboo fibers, and recycled paper as our raw materials. These materials are mixed with water to create a pulp mixture.

    EcoBox Production Process 3

    Material Naturally Dissolving in Water

    EcoBox materials are made to dissolve in pure water without the need for adhesives or other additives. This ensures that our packaging is free from harmful chemicals or toxic glues.

    EcoBox Production Process 4

    Preliminary Forming Process: Pulp Mixture

    Using molds, we vacuum-form the pulp mixture into the desired shape. This vacuum-assisted process ensures that the material adheres to the mold, creating well-defined and uniform product shapes.

    EcoBox Production Process 5

    Drying Process (Optional)

    After the preliminary forming, the pulp-based material is left to naturally air dry, allowing it to solidify and stabilize. Once dry, the material is ready for the next stage, where it undergoes another round of heat pressing to achieve its final shape and structure.

    EcoBox Production Process 6

    Precision Trimming for a Polished Finish

    Through the use of cutting dies to remove any excess materials, resulting in a clean and precise final product. This precision trimming ensures that each packaging piece is flawlessly finished, with smooth edges and an immaculate appearance.

    EcoBox Production Process 1

    Secondary Forming and Quality Inspection

    The finished products undergo thorough quality inspection and are carefully packaged before being stored in our inventory. Our production process is free from harmful substances, and no wastewater or emissions are generated.

    Biodegradation Testing of Sugarcane EcoBox: 45-Days Progress

    To ensure the eco-friendly nature of our products, we conduct thorough degradation testing. Through these tests, we assess the biodegradability and compostability of our EcoBox packaging.
    This degradation testing process demonstrates the ability of EcoBox paper boxes to naturally break down and integrate with the environment over time. By monitoring the compatibility with different plant species and the complete integration with the soil, we ensure that our packaging aligns with eco-friendly principles. Choose EcoBox for sustainable packaging solutions that minimize environmental impact while maintaining exceptional quality.

    cmic packaging ecobox degradation testing 1

    · Select a batch of EcoBox packaging for testing.

    · Transplant several specimens of common wild weeds found in natural mountainous areas of China into the EcoBox.

    · Ensure the plants are properly watered and receive adequate sunlight for growth.

    cmic packaging ecobox degradation testing 2

    · Observe the bottom portion of the paper box and notice the onset of the degradation process.

    · Replace the previous weeds with conventional garlic plants to assess the compatibility of the EcoBox with different plant species.

    cmic packaging ecobox degradation testing 3

    · Monitor the growth of the garlic plants, ensuring they are thriving under normal conditions.

    · Note that the bottom section of the EcoBox has undergone extensive degradation and has begun to integrate with the soil and the roots of the plants.

    cmic packaging ecobox degradation testing 4