About Us

Located in China and connected by a reliable supply chain, C MIC is your worry-free manufacturer of quality packaging boxes made with green materials and the latest technology.


Your Hassle-free Packaging Partner

With our online platform, fast production capabilities, and responsive services, C MIC handles the packaging needs of any industry. Whether for food or clothing, our R&D and design teams cover your requirements and create top-grade, sustainable boxes.

Our Impressive Numbers

We achieve high-volume production through our advanced machinery and workshops certified to produce quality boxes to meet demands for any industry.

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Why Us

Take steps to ensure your items are packaged neatly and at lower costs, reducing hassles for your business.

Online Design

Design your own custom box that expresses your brand through our online platform.

Fast Delivery

Within a week, we deliver large orders anywhere thanks to our logistics network.

Eco-friendly Material

Our zero-waste materials reduce expenses and ensure longevity for all boxes.

Order Management

We organize orders through our database, provide timely updates, and ensure smooth transactions.

Our Products

Made specifically for your industry applications, we create boxes designed to last and come with expressive logos that affirm your brand’s prowess.


From clothing to chocolates, we have boxes for any industry application based on thorough research and our eco-friendly materials.


C MIC has a rich selection of packaging with different styles that suit specific items such as electronics, skin care lotions, automobile parts, and more.


We offer consultation over our boxes and an online platform for quick and easy customization to reduce your worries.

Ready to Customize Your Box?

Anyone can make their design ideas a reality through our website. Our online platform has user-friendly features, guiding you through an easy customization process. Go to https://www.packmage.com/ to begin customizing your personalized packaging box.

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A Creative Team

Years of expert design for global industries have given our talents the experience to identify the right features that appeal to your market. Recognized for its approach to any region, our design team continues to innovate with today’s trends.

Customize Your Boxes

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    Ready to use our online design platform?

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