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    Our custom boxes come in unique designs that can influence your potential customers’ buying habits. The 3D design of our packaging can show you how we take into account market demand and structural design.


    Focusing on sustainability and functionality, C MIC only uses high-grade green materials such as soy ink and grey tissue paper and cardboard. The materials are biodegradable while providing incredible structural durability and printable surfaces to accommodate various customization options.


    You have full control over the design of our tailor-made packaging solution from its size proportions, shape, and other factors. We can even incorporate a stunning range of colors onto your box as well as graphical, logo, text, and various prints.

    C MIC goes beyond providing you with high-grade boxes that meet global standards with our experienced inspection team and robust QC system. We make sure boxes that come in various styles can surpass industry standards on durability, presentable appearance, and function. Select from our foldable boxes, pillow boxes, book boxes, magnetic boxes, sleeve boxes, shoulder boxes, detachable lid boxes, card boxes, and special custom boxes.

    Every client working with us has found success through our incredible services. We provide hands-on online software that lets you create your custom packaging and have experts provide professional consultation. Through our competitive prices and quick turnaround, you can satisfy rising market trends and enjoy high ROI.

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      Please only upload a file in PNG|JPG|AI|PDF|EPS

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