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    CMIC is a reliable cardboard boxes manufacturer with an extensive custom packaging solution for nearly any industry. We are the benchmark for environmental protection standards by using sustainable materials for our high-grade packaging including soy ink as well as gray tissue paper and board.

    We offer a full range of customization options for your boxes such as its dimensions, shape, and style. You can also implement a stunning range of colors and incorporate your logo, company name, graphics, text, and much more. View our differences to see how we make your custom boxes shine.

    Forming a long-term partnership with our client comes from providing you with the best possible packaging solution experience. With our focus on quality and profit-oriented pricing, we elevate your branding to a leading position in your target market.

    Part of our commitment to an efficient packaging solution comes from our focus on protecting the integrity of our clients’ products. Years of experience in the packaging industry allow our engineers to know how to preserve your product while improving your branding image.

    Biodegradable foam and other high-grade materials are integrated into our tailor-made packaging. The protective solution keeps all product content within the container from moving while providing them with a cushion against impact or vibration damages.

    We also provide a durable structure with the use of corrugated cardboard sheets on our packaging. The sheets go through extensive testing and inspections to ensure their durability meets our standard. Your products have optimum protection by the durable structure of our boxes.

    From automobile parts to cosmetic companies, CMIC caters to every type of client coming from different industries. Our versatile packaging solution fits nearly any product in the market.

    CMIC makes packaging customization easy with our intuitive online program. You can freely change various aspects of our boxes to create a unique packaging solution or choose from 900 templates. When you need consultation on an efficient tailor-made box for your business, our professional advisors are ready to assist you. Contact our team today!

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