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Attractive and durable jewelry boxes that are custom-made to showcase your brand and command the attention of your target audience.

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    Ready to use our online design platform?

    We help you bring your custom jewelry box ideas to life with C MIC’s online design capabilities, giving you the freedom to create your custom jewelry boxes that suit your brand. Lacking ideas or requiring professional assistance? Our expert designers are ready to provide their talent and expertise to guide you in building the right jewelry boxes that will match your products.


    For material, we only use carefully selected cardboard material that sports high durability and responds beautifully with our printing materials. The cardboard material we work with adapts well with any shape of the jewelry box, allowing for creative packaging solutions that complement the contents perfectly.

    Jewelry boxes not only serve as protection for their valuable content, but they also stand as great marketing devices to attract and convince your audience to purchase your products. Bring your brand identity to the forefront of your products with C MIC’s impressive and expertly-crafted jewelry boxes today.

    Opening the doors to countless unique designs, prints, and finishes, there is no limit to the creativity and expressiveness you can apply to your custom jewelry boxes. We can also print your logo and branding to the packaging, adding another layer of personality to your jewelry boxes, further separating them from the competition. Contact us to learn more.

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