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Define your unique brand identity with C MIC’s range of custom cosmetic boxes that are sure to capture the attention of the marketplace.

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    Cosmetic boxes usually leave a lasting impression on its audience, thus influencing the marketability of a brand’s line of cosmetic products. C MIC understands the importance of cosmetic packaging in marketing your products, and we strive to provide you a one-stop solution for your cosmetic packaging needs.


    Whether you offer lipsticks, makeup, wigs, eyelashes, or other cosmetic products, we have the perfect packaging solution for you. We offer dozens of customization options that allow for unique and diverse packaging designs, from packaging shape and size to print and finishing. You can also create tailor-made packaging sets for your cosmetic products, applying themes for better and more effective marketing. 

    When it comes to effective cosmetic packaging, the quality of the material speaks volumes about your brand’s focus on excellence. C MIC utilizes high-quality and eco-friendly cardboard material for our custom cosmetic boxes, ensuring that the contents are well-protected for long periods, adding value to your products.  

    Choose from our fine selection of prints and finishes to reflect your brand through your packaging and elevate your custom cosmetic boxes from your peers. Using the latest offset printing machines and the best inks in the market, make a lasting statement to your audience with highly-detailed prints and strong, vibrant colors. Get in touch to learn more value-added services.

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