Custom Earring Gift Boxes

Wrap up your earrings for the occasion with custom earring gift boxes for an unprecedented unboxing experience. We provide large gift boxes for jewerly sets and small jewellery boxes for earrings only.

Custom Earring Boxes

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    In four easy steps, you can customize your preferred box online based on your requirements and any characteristics that speak to your brand’s appeal in the market.


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    Custom Jewelry Boxes For Earrings

    Looking for unique and attractive earring jewelry boxes that are tailor-made for your brand and products? Your search ends here, as C MIC has all your custom packaging needs under one roof. From conceptualization to shipping, our team has the experience and capabilities to deliver exceptional earring subscription boxes that match your market requirements. Utilizing high-grade cardboard material and powerful printing equipment to add intricate designs on the packaging, we take your design ideas and create eye-catching earring gift boxes that are sure to speak volumes about your brand.

    Custom Earring Jewelry Boxes With Structure

    The different box structures of the earring packaging fundamentally contribute to the style and brand positioning of the jewelry.

    70.9% of the brands in the jewelry industry use custom rigid gift boxes for their earrings, which are solid, durable and elegant, fit for additional finishing with lower costs. About 21.8% of brands use plastic or leatherette boxes for their earrings packaging, which are more elaborate when opened. About 7% of customers choose wooden jewelry boxes for their earrings which is easy to store.

    flip design rigid boxes

    Most Common

    lift off rigid yellow boxes

    Lowest Production Cost

    book shape rigid boxes

    Aristocratic Style

    pull out rigid boxes


    hinged shoulder boxes

    Fancy Unboxing Style

    custom shoulder rigid boxes


    custom triangle rigid boxes

    Fully Customized

    Sustainable & Recyclable Materials

    Packaging materials change people’s brand perception by influencing the overall surface.

    Deciding which material to use based on your packaging design might be a good idea, or you can contact us for customized solutions by clicking the button on the right. C MIC Packaging offers 100% recyclable packaging materials and solutions.

    coated paper for printing

    Most Common

    natural kraft paper for printing


    metallic gold paper for rigid boxes

    Shinny Effect

    textured process for paper

    Touching Experience

    leatherette for watch jewelry boxes


    wood for watch jewelry boxes

    The Hardest

    silk for custom made boxes

    The Smoothest

    Advanced Printing Technology

    Offset printing is the most efficient and least expensive for high-volume production when exceeding 1000 units, while digital printing is more efficient for small custom runs of less than 500 units. Your packaging can be printed with guaranteed patterns and colors regardless of the printing method.

    traditional offset printingcmyk for paper packaging

    Cost-effective in Mass Production

    digital printing for paper packaging

    Colorful, Efficient, Expensive

    uv light fast drying printing

    Safe, Environmentally Friendly, Fast-drying

    Awesome Laminate & Finishing Options

    Even the plainest art paper can be made more special by adding various processes.

    Hot Foil Stamping is the most common process in jewelry packaging boxes, divided into glossy and matte. You can also make your logo or brand more special by stamping and embossing. What is hot foil stamping?

    aqueous coating for paper packaging


    lamination for paper protection


    spot gloss uv for printing

    Clear & Glossy

    soft touch coating create great touching experience

    Extreme Touching Experience

    hot foil stamping printed paper for rigid boxes

    Unlimited Foil Color Options

    embossing finishing for rigid boxes

    Brand Effect Amplification

    debossing finishing for rigid boxes

    Unique Presentation Effect

    window patching for rigid boxes

    Excellent Display Window

    Recommended Custom Inserts

    Custom inserts are also an essential part of jewelry packaging.

    High-end earrings box prefers to insert with a velvet pad, jewelry pouch, or silk sponge cushion. If you are looking for a budget plan, a cardstock insert is worth trying in custom boxes for earrings. Contact us see what we can help.

    Unlimited Addons For Earrings Boxes

    A few add-ons are definitely a great way to add the final flourish to jewelry packaging.

    In addition to all the embellishments needed on the custom jewelry gift box for your earrings, as a one-stop jewelry packaging solution provider, we will handle all your packaging add-on needs.

    Other Jewelry Boxes

    Customize Your Boxes

      Please only upload a file in PNG|JPG|AI|PDF|EPS

      *We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.

      December 7, 2022

      Elegant Watch Brand Packaging

      This elegant packaging is made of a glossy outer box with a subtle grid pattern, creating a sense of luxury and refinement. The inside is lined with soft velvet, providing a cozy and protective environment for the product. The packaging features a button closure, ensuring a secure and snug fit.

      The combination of the glossy and textured surface with the velvet lining provides a tactile experience for the customer, emphasizing the premium quality of the product. The button closure adds a sense of sophistication and elegance, elevating the overall design of the packaging.

      December 7, 2022

      Handmade Soap Packaging Box

      This handmade soap drawer box packaging exudes a rustic yet chic aesthetic with its black background and vibrant green, orange, and purple floral motifs in a hand-painted style. The inner box, presented in a shimmering gold color, is adorned with a matching gold ribbon that creates a luxurious contrast with the soap’s white interior. The overall design showcases a harmonious balance between natural, earthy elements and sophisticated glamour, evoking a sense of refinement and elegance.

      December 7, 2022

      Corrugated Gift Packaging Design

      This beige-colored box with a rope handle and single-sided hollow-out design is accented by a dark brown elastic band and a gift tag, evoking a sense of beauty in everyday life. The color scheme exudes a sense of sophistication, while the hollow-out design adds a touch of elegance and delicacy. The rope handle and elastic band both provide a practical and stylish way of securing the box. The gift tag adds a thoughtful touch to the packaging. This box is the perfect way to package and present gifts for any occasion, whether it be for a loved one or a business associate.

      December 7, 2022

      Bowtie Gift Packaging Idea

      This gift box set features a chic and stylish design that exudes luxury and elegance. The drawer box is complemented by a silver gray butterfly ribbon, the outer box is a beautiful shade of Mordant blue that contrasts perfectly with the deep gray of the inner box, creating a unique and refined style. The design is sure to make a lasting impression on any recipient, conveying a sense of exclusivity and attention to detail. The perfect choice for anyone looking to give a gift that truly stands out from the crowd.

      December 7, 2022

      Marble Gift Box Packaging Design

      This shoulder box packaging create with white background and gold-foil marble pattern. The inner box, in gold color, adds a touch of luxury to the overall design. The light pink butterfly ribbon tied around the box serves as a beautiful contrast to the white and gold, enhancing the overall appeal. The design of this packaging conveys a sense of understated yet refined taste, perfect for brands that value subtlety and sophistication.

      December 7, 2022

      Fashionated Gift Packaging Idea

      This gift packaging box boasts a bold color scheme with its brick red lid and dark brick red base, complemented by a black and red ribbon wrapped around the outside of the box with a beautiful bow to add a touch of elegance. The combination of colors and bow decoration gives off a sophisticated and luxurious vibe. This packaging design is perfect for a high-end brand looking to make a statement with its product packaging. The overall design is unique and eye-catching. Its rich color scheme and bold design elements make it a true work of art in the packaging industry.

      December 7, 2022

      Christmas Gift Packaging Idea

      This Christmas gift box packaging design features a bold, paired with the lush green ribbon and shiny gold foil accents, creates a luxurious and joyful feeling. The two doors opening design is perfect for showcasing the contents inside. The metallic gold deer motif and artistic lettering add an elegant touch to the overall design. The Santa Claus paper tag is a playful and whimsical detail that adds a sense of excitement and anticipation to the packaging.