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How to Mesure Box Dimensions

How to Mesure Box Dimensions for Custom Packaging Project

Box dimensions are not just about length, width, and depth(height). Getting box measurements correct is a critical part of any …

what is foil stamping

What is Foil Stamping? Industrial Common Sense & Guidence

You definitely want to know something about foiling if you’re now concerned about how to make the design unique and …

Consumer Perceptions Of Your Product Packaging

Analysis From C MIC: Consumer Perceptions Of Your Product Packaging

Packaging can delight and fascinate or, on the other hand, make the blood boil. Indeed, it is a testament to …

cmic custom sustainable paper boxes

Custom Paper Boxes: Can good design be sustainable?

For product packaging, sustainability means companies combine sustainability goals with business considerations and implementation strategies to address social aspects and …

Paper Packaging Industry Manufacturer 2

Sustainability In Paper Packaging Industry: Is Too Much Emphasis On Recycling?

For the past few years, the industry has been into sustainability. When we talk about sustainable packaging, what exactly are …

differentiation box packaging

C MIC’s Reserch Summary 2022: differentiation goes up the box packaging agenda

Packaging innovation, like almost every other business activity, is designed to do one thing: increase the profitability of the business …

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