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C MIC’s pillow boxes create a sense of elegance and luxury with its unique shape. From editable to non-edible products, our custom pillow boxes are versatile for various products across different industries

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    We take into account the needs of any business when it comes to packaging, making our pillow boxes compatible with any products or services. The unique shape of the boxes captures the attention of potential buyers while creating protective housing for any product.


    Our engineers can incorporate various filling materials to accommodate any products such as candy, undergarments, or beauty care products. With the addition of a bow or card, our pillow boxes can easily turn into gifts or favor boxes for corporate or personal events. 

    Bringing your packaging concept to life is made easier with our full-range options for our custom pillow boxes. You can determine the dimension and its size to fit your requirement. Our advanced printing equipment allows you to incorporate various colors, logos, graphics, text, and other print onto the custom pillow boxes.


    We have an intuitive online platform where you can input your specifications, giving you a clear visual of the custom pillow boxes. Our experienced consultants are also available to provide useful advice on how to create a pillow packaging that can grab the attention of your target audience.

    C MIC sets the standard for high-end services with our responsive support team who will answer your questions, concerns, and orders instantly. Through careful material screening and streamline production, we can provide low pillow box costs to help bolster your ROI. We can even complete your orders during peak season thanks to our automated production, letting you tap into rising demands in your target market.

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