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C MIC allows brand owners to test out a market or replenish their supply while minimizing inventory pressure through instant 3D mockup and prototyping.

Time-saving Process

Our online platform is a combination of efficient solutions and integrated technologies designed to help you and your clinets attain business goals.

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Provide us with your supplier's contact info. and let us handle the rest of it. We respect the confidentiality of our trustworthy partnership.

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Strict Project Management

We pride ourselves in offering a strict project management based on our packaging expertise and experience with help from our dedicated specialists.

QC Report Available

Our commitment to quality extends to design and production. That's why clients who put high value on quality choose us. QC reports are available on request.

Connect You and Your Suppliers

Checking the order online keeps you and your suppliers up to date on the procedures and logistics of the packaging boxes.


Customize Your Boxes in Real-Time

Haven’t found what you need? Talk to a packaging box expert, or customize your boxes online by using our latest online system. Watch the short video below to create perfect boxes that suit your specific needs.

Our cutting-edge online system makes it easy for you to personalize your packages and provides a clear visual of the outcome. You can also find 900 templates to find the right boxing for your products or services.

FSC,BSCI,SGS Certified

Certified materials are used to create high-grade packaging, allowing us to comply with international standards on environmental protection.

Real-time Response

Our support staff will instantly reply to your inquiries, orders, concerns, technical support, or general questions through email.

Expert Advice

Receive the best possible consultation in choosing the right packaging for your business from our experienced professionals.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Commitment to protecting the environment comes from our use of sustainable materials and optimized production that reduce wastage.

Custom Packaging and Printing Boxes

We cater to clients across different markets with a wide variety of our brand-building boxes. From insulated boxes for food delivery to windowed packaging for commercial retail products, you can find the right packaging for your business requirements.

  • By Industries
  • Boxes By Styles

Our selection of pre-built packages encompasses different products in various industries, providing an efficient marketing tool for your business.

  • Jewelry Box 02

    Each jewelry packaging is intricate boxes that exude luxury and elegance. Our boxes are designed to highlight metallic, acrylic, and other types of jewelry.

    Jewelry Boxes

  • Watch Boxes 3

    We design our watch boxes to give valued timepieces the spotlight it deserves, impressing potential customers.

    Watch Boxes

  • Cosmetic Box 1

    Our boxes preserve the formula of your products. We can incorporate eye-catching features such as unique shapes, and graphic prints to meet your needs.

    Cosmetic Boxes

  • Clothing Boxes 4

    Our clothing boxes do not have any sharp corners to ensure your products are safe. We can also incorporate different styles to help you match the right one for your clothes or garment.

    Clothing Boxes

  • Chocolate Boxes 2

    Potential buyers' mouth will water when they see the tantalizing design of our chocolate boxes, boosting your confectionary’s market appeal.

    Chocolate Boxes

  • Free Greeting Cards 1

    We offer printing services for enhancing your product branding. Free greeting cards and free shipping for our client to make a better communications with their customers.

    Printing Services

  • p02 s02 img02

    Each custom gift packaging is a intricate box that exude luxury and elegance. Our boxes are designed for impressing potential customers.

    Gift Boxes

C MIC has a rich selection of packaging with different styles that suit specific items such as electronics, skin care lotions, automobile parts, and more.

  • Pillow Boxes 01

    With a unique shape, pillow boxes offer a sense of health, beauty, and elegance that are associated with food, fashion accessories, and body care products.

    Pillow Boxes

  • p02 s02 img02

    Each custom rigid packaging is a intricate box that exude luxury and elegance. Our boxes are designed for impressing potential customers.

    Rigid Boxes

Custom Packaging Boxes Easier and Faster

C MIC makes the tailor-made packaging process easier for manufacturers, and brand owners with our innovative online customization tool. You can easily design specific boxes or choose from several made templates that work with your business requirements. Our experienced team can also provide in-depth consultation to improve your design, efficient marketing campaign, and other professional advice.

Industry-Specific Packaging Solutions

The experience we accumulated through our years in the industry allows us to create packaging for specific industries.

  • p01 s08 img03

    Jewelry Packaging

    Showcasing the beauty and elegance of any jewelry is the main focus of our jewelry packaging. Jewelry boxes have a feature that lets end-users fold or open into a display case.

  • p01 s08 img04

    Watch Packaging

    Watches are intricate fashion accessories that beg to be displayed, which is possible with our watch packaging. Our watch boxes are versatile as packaging that highlights its content when opened.

  • p01 s08 img02

    Cosmetic Packaging

    We design our cosmetic boxes to exude health, elegance, and fashion to help you attract your target audience. Each cosmetic packaging is built to protect its fragile content.

  • p01 s08 img01

    Clothing Packaging

    Elevate your clothing and other fashion accessories’ market appeal through our customizable clothing packaging solutions.



C MIC is always updated with the latest industry news, market trends, technological advancement, and other useful information on the packaging business. You can find up to the minute updates on our blog section where we post our news articles.


Our team also aims to improve your market capabilities through our educational content on packaging. We have an extensive guide and advice on how you can get the most out of your custom boxes. Read the latest blog today!

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