Top 3 Most Popular Paper Box Packaging Finishing Process

July 16, 2021



Varnishes can be added to specific areas of a printed design. This adds a 3D element to your product as it becomes slightly raised and catches the light. Varnishes on their own are not colourful so can either be used as a subtle addition or placed over a specific element to help highlight it.

Priting Color Box
Stamping Box


Sometimes called foil stamping or hot foiling, this method allows you to add a metallic or coloured foil to your packaging, and gives it a stamped feel. Metallic options such as gold or silver foils can really add to a product, giving them a more premium and luxury appearance. We used this method for our branding of Vanilla Orchid Bakery to reflect their high-quality cakes. We even created a screen version which mirrored the colours found on the metallic finish.

Emboss & Deboss

Using metal plates, both processes create a three-dimensional shape in the paper when the plates are stamped together. Embossing raises the design above the rest of the paper, whilst debossing does the opposite –- pushing the paper downwards.

Emboss Finishing Box
Stamping Paper Box

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