Packaging Advice for Start-ups

July 22, 2021

It’s a pleasure we made boxes for you, actually for those who are watching this can even partially answer that question right because you're doing it yourselves. But when it comes to having a good customer experience doesn't even mean you have to make the fanciest boxes. It’s just you know what is your company about and how you can express your brand through packaging is really what mark is all about. To be completely honest if you're just starting you may not even necessarily have to run for making it too complicated. A first essential thing is to put your product in a box that fits it.

Adam Y

· Custom Packaging Fits Your Product

Cosmetic Box with foam inside

    For starters and a lot of companies selling online, make sure that your product is optimized for a package that’s good for e-commerce. We’ve seen a lot in the past companies is split between retail and e-commerce take their retail product package and just throw it in an Amazon box and send it out the door. That’s not going a great customer experience. They call that frustration packaging.

    Frustration-free that gives a good customer experience. You get that handled then we can talk colors bells whistles all that fun stuff. When you’re first starting like design aside, let’s start a little bit of a brief introduction summary about C MIC Packaging more importantly: We’re a company from China for businesses to design and order packaging online and our mission is to Change Made In China. We can ship directly to your fulfillment center or your warehouse or your living room with the result of the same thing depending on where you are. Everything C MIC made were FCC certified which is the forestry service certification. All the packaging you’re gonna be getting is eco-friendly as a bonus for those of you who care about sustainability and eco-friendly methods. We’re basing so you can keep going racing.  Contact us>

· Custom Packaging Conveys Good Experience

    Packaging is way more than just a container that holds something and gets a customer, an insightful experience and storytellers. When you are in the online business especially you can’t go to a store, like that whole experience between the first click and when that box is open at your door just doesn’t port. I like to have more from you about if you don’t have that in-store experience how are you going to help that translate through your website and your package ultimately. Your product and packaging can take you into directions like a great product overshadowed by awful packaging and you don’t want to leave that awful taste in your customers. Now for going another direction which packaging came nice and modest can be very simple — as I mentioned doesn’t have to be branded but fit your product nicely. The protected product didn’t arrive damaged so people don’t need to return the product. If you just lost out on the lifetime value of customers due to that return they’re really not going to be an advocate of yours. They’re going to be telling other people very least they’re not telling them to buy or might even tell them not to buy. Great packaging can even leave the impression you might have gotten at a store.

· Start With A Minimalist Design

A whole new sure created for someone was trying to remove the entire necessity of having to go somewhere to get a decent product packaging. It could have been your savior there but in that situation, if your downfall so be careful and I'm not trying to fear monger but I'm saying like you can create a really good experience with packaging, you can also turn off your customers with packaging.

Something fits your product well and then add some color to it quite literally true to most people when starting a business. No need to think about what box and how to make. If you’re just a great question maybe get some branded tape or stickers and throw it on the box, probably a nice note with your logo inside of the package with a nice greeting card. Like our customer ace cosmetic, they just branded black ink on Kraft paper, simple but it looks really like Foxx. Few people use box stamps and that looks great especially if you got that vintage vibe with a craft. Also, a good idea to start by listening to your customers — just get something out there to see what they say maybe your customers tell you, and be prepared to get on its feedback. When getting started and if you’re further along pilot different designs When getting started and if you’re further along pilot distinctive designs will keep customers interested. C MIC specialists can help by offering money-saving and popular industry solutions.

· Choose A Flexible Supplier

How to start with a new supplier can be also an important part. A lot of people do not have any idea what they want their packaging to look like. What we suggest is tantamount to scale it down first and go maybe start with the minimal viable product. We are doing millions of dollars eventually it starts with something minimal. When people starting to experiment with personalization I would like to recommend the packaging and inserts. So many people you know might not have the ability to go out for the custom boxes what they do have the ability to get a printer print out a nice letter ask back, and you know this is a great way to just take that first step in the personalizing. Start small with getting the right size box with ease of use and get repeat business cause that's how you earn money as a company.

We’re happy to do a free audit if you think something could be done better. If you want to put us to the challenge to see there’s a way for us to baby money will give it a shot because it’s a cliche phrase that looks like your success is our success. The more product you’re selling them or boxes you’ll be buying from us. We want you to do well so hit us up and we’re happy to see what we can do to make your business better and ultimately a better customer experience.

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