Guideline to Choose the Right Custom Printed Boxes for your Products

September 15, 2021

The most convenient way of storing things is with the use of boxes. Boxes have been the traditional containers for centuries. The oldest material to create boxes is wood. Eventually, with continuous development and innovation, boxes today are now made out of cardboard. If you are planning on storing your products, boxes are of great choice. Today, you can even get to choose a custom printed box that will present your product.

However, even with the advancement of technology of creating custom printed boxes, there are a few things you should be considered in choosing the right custom printed box. In this article, we will be guiding you through the essential aspects to consider.

Finding the Right Material

Think of choosing a house. You would want to choose the one that is sturdy, reliable, and fits your expectations. This goes the same for choosing the right custom printed boxes for you. Choosing the perfect material for its construction is the most crucial part of your custom printed box. Without this, your box won’t survive long. Here are some materials you would want to look into.



You need to use a coated white paperboard or chipboard for folding cartons, trays, and sleeves. The material provides excellent printing results because it is lightweight. Paperboards are commonly used for food, cosmetics, dairy, hardware items, retail, and pharmaceuticals. 

corrugated material


This type of board material is still a paperboard but with a fluted medium paper laminated to it. The material is sturdy, making it durable. This material works best for products that are fragile or heavy. This is also ideal to use for shipping or e-commerce packages. 

paperboard material

With these two materials, feel free to test them out and choose what material suits your product. However, always remember that these materials will work best if used appropriately. 

The Printing Process

When it comes to custom printed boxes, a vital part to look into is the printing process. The digital inking process is the most convenient and reliable option to choose today. However, there are different types of inks for different types of boxes. For example, if you have glossy cardboard, the best ink type would be solvent-based ink.

Another matter to talk about is technology. Several machines in the market are capable of producing quality prints. So it is better to check what equipment the manufacturer uses for printing.

Size Matters

No matter how sturdy the material your custom printed box uses, if its size is not appropriate for your product, then it will not serve its purpose. Choosing the right size of custom printed boxes will ensure that the box will properly contain your product. 

Another reason for choosing the right size of your custom printed box is it can be economical. Imagine having a product with five different sizes, but you only have one container for all 5 of them. Surely it will cost more. Your custom printed box can accommodate smaller products if it is appropriately sized. Also, having the right size can provide consistency in your product. 

Knowing Its Purpose

One of the ways in facilitating quality and choosing the right custom printed box is understanding ergonomics. What is ergonomics? Simply put, it is how the person receiving your box opens and interacts with your custom printed box. 

Taking ergonomics as part of choosing your custom printed box is an important part of the process. This will help you determine everything mentioned above, finding the perfect size, shape, and design.

In addition, having the proper ergonomics for your custom printed box will allow the person to open and interact with the box free from frustration. With this, it will increase the chances of customers wanting more of your product.

Choosing the right custom printed boxes can be a challenge. But it is essential to know that there are many options to choose from in the market. So just remember to take time in weighing all those options before selecting the design of your packaging. 

Choosing the Right Manufacturer

In the industry of producing custom printed boxes, there are several manufacturers out there. But there are only a few who are committed to producing quality custom printed boxes. One of the few experts in manufacturing custom printed boxes is C MIC.

C MIC Packaging Company

Our company is based in China. We are a supply chain that offers a worry-free and quality manufacturer of green materials. 

We are equipped with the latest technology in producing packaging. Also, they provide an online platform and software for you to get a glimpse of your custom printed box design. This is done through the 3D rendering process. Moreover, we have a quality control team responsible for supervising your product. 

With our knowledge and expertise, without any doubt, we at C MIC can provide what your custom printed box needs! If you are looking for more of our products, browse at

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