Boosting Your Brand Recall Through Custom Packaging

October 12, 2021
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Each business’ goal is to do well and succeed in the industry you belong to. Apparently, you have to deal with many hurdles and try several methods to overcome these challenges. But among other things, you want your brand to get noticed positively, right? Well, one thing you need is to have custom packaging for your products that will present your brand.

Here are the things you should know about custom packaging and which one to choose to increase your product visibility and draw in your target market.

The Packaging’s Simplicity

Your custom packaging can be considered the source of understanding your brand; hence, it should appeal to its character. It can be a simple brown kraft box with your brand name or add vibrant colors and design to make it more noticeable.

There is a misconception that custom packaging is expensive compared to ready-made boxes. But, in fact, it is the other way around. How come? Just imagine, if you prefer custom packaging, it will be tailor-made based on your products; thus, you do not have to put lots of layered protection to make sure it is still in good condition when shipped.

On the other hand, there is a high chance that your products can be mishandled during shipping for ready-made boxes. If the product is spoiled and can no longer be sold, then it will be deducted from your supposed sale, and if this piles up, you might have a negative instead of positive income. So do not compromise your product. Instead, get custom packaging for your brand.

What is the Impression You Want to Create?

Assembling an option for your custom box starts with the box measurement required to personalize and each of the extra items you have to add to your bundle. Custom boxes can be acquired in several different sizes and colors.

If you need to have other designs for your box, like writings and manuscripts, you can do it. You can seek white chipboard because this lightweight box produces high-quality printing results. It is typically used for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, hardware products, bakery, and even retail packaging solutions.

Customization of Your Product Packaging

Planning for the final look of your custom boxes is one of the most significant areas in your packaging plan. Remember, each feature of your boxes has to be optimized to appeal to the intended target market. What you can do is to spend time researching what will pique your key demographics’ interest, then incorporate your findings into your final design.

There is no shortage of styles when it comes to packaging. So, select one that aligns with your answers to the questions above. Here are some of the packaging styles you should know:

Display Box

Display boxes come in different shapes and sizes to help products stand out on the shelves. Also, you can enhance your display box to best fit your product or your display area, with several selections to ensure your products are both well protected and well-positioned to sell.  

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Custom Jewelry Box 1
Custom Ring Box 1

Pillow Box

Obviously, the pillow box got its name from the appearance of the box. These typical cartons are easy to manage and assemble, with a one-piece design and foldover closures on each end. Even if they are not great for stacking, pillow boxes make for innovative products and gift packaging.

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Pillow Boxes 02
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Wallet Box

Wallet box may seem like a basic box with a base and cover. Still, its simplicity can capture your target audience’s interest through the box size, color, and design. Also, you can choose what type of box material you would like to use.

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Wallet Boxes 01

Sleeve Box

A sleeve box uses a dual part feature to make a highly durable packaging solution. Double-wall tray inserts slide effortlessly into a folding carton that envelops the insert on all sides. The tray can be opened at either end and it is securely fit to prevent them from slipping out.

Straight Tuck End

The straight tuck end boxes can be your best choice for streamlined packaging since they are versatile and quick to assemble. The fold or tuck closures on both sides make for a simple and effective seal. Closures are positioned toward the back and blend seamlessly along the edges to maintain a simple design across the box.

Reverse Tuck End

These boxes are similar in style to straight tuck end boxes. However, instead of both closures sealing in the back, the top closure seals in the front. The alternating closures augment the seal’s durability, making reverse tuck end a good choice for heavier products or those that may shift around in transit.


Your budget is also an important matter that you need to plan correctly. If your business is not earning as much as you spend on the custom boxes, it will be an enterprise loss. The objective of affordable custom packaging is to have more customers and increase your profit. The best trick to decide on the perfect box for your merchandise is to acquire a custom box within a budget. 


And that ends our article. We hope you have learned something about choosing the best box for your product, how you are going to plan the budgeting, and the likes. If you are looking for high-quality custom boxes at a reasonable price tag, check out C MIC packaging at the website

C MIC Packaging Company

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